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Good News for the RK Fandom

Hi ladies! Long time no see!

Have you heard about the RK anime reboot, because I know it's been on my mind. :D

That said, rikkitsune is setting up a fanfic exchange for RK and I'd like to add my voice to the rest of the crowd happily pimping this awesome movement.

The Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Exchange

Check it out!

I tried to hold out as long as I could...

Sorry folks, but I've hit the point where I have to turn off anonymous commenting completely instead of just screening anonymous comments. Generally speaking, I have not and still don't care if people want to comment without leaving their names, but I've gotten hit by a spam bot that leaves the weirdest responses. I literally cannot tell which anon comments are left by people and which ones are left by robots so anonymous commenting is going away.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I'm getting more spam comments than people comments so I don't think it's going to affect too many people anyhow.

Peace out!


I got some stuff up for sale. You should totally check it out.


RK Drabble: Sessha

A Rurouni Kenshin Drabble
Rating: G
Summary: Kaoru picks up an unexpected crew member.

It took a certain amount of talent to doze off in a crowded space-terminal...Collapse )

Oh, Kaoru. You have no IDEA...

Don't ask me where this came from. There may be more. XD
For the record, I could totally do without Livejournal's new road-block ads.


I don't normally do Holiday Fiction, but I couldn't resist this... not after shamelessly blackmailing fiction out of amaranthadanae.

By Dragon's Daughter
Rated G
Warnings: Naru/Mai. Drabble. Spoilers for the light novels and unmitigated fluff. Un-betaed.

Summary: Valentines day before and after...

Naru would be the Scrooge of Valentines Day if he could be relied upon to remember it on his own...Collapse )

Notes on the vagarities of the Japanese Flavor of Valentines DayCollapse )

I am a BAD BAD Person

Yesterday I apparently had Lady Luck on my side because I've managed to win fic off of most of my friends in bets over competition TV.

Iron Chef America: Duff vs. Symon
I bet on Symon and won a one shot (fandom and theme of my choosing) and a continuation of any drabble I like off of quoth_the_ravyn.

I'll let the fandom discover just what I demanded from her once she's done. Suffice to say I'm a horrible friend and will deserve the beating I'm sure to receive once she gets here on Friday. : D

Pimp Launch My Line Finale

I bet on the designer doing Native Rose because jane_drew_ jumped on Inside Out. amaranthadanae was very good about being stuck with the last one whose name I can't remember, but was basically hoochie gear designed by a professional DJ.

BY A STROKE OF SHEER LUCK I managed to win. How? I don't know. I'd have honestly picked Inside Out, but still. I can't knock her too badly. She won me custom one shots from my friends.

amaranthadanae owes me Ghost Hunt Fic: Naru vs. Valentines day.

jane_drew_ owes me RK fic: Victorian Steampunk.


Fic: Mean Girls

Mohammad and the Mountain: Mean Girls
By Dragon's Daughter
Rated G
Warnings: Naru/Mai, Spoilers for the light novels, and Naru's not so SECRET IDENTITY. Un-betaed. Mohammad and the Mountain verse.

Summary: Mai’s never had to deal with bullies before, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover.

Mai is really bad at names...Collapse )

A/N: I'm basically using M&M to explore a lot of those tropes you see about Japanese school life. Some of them are real (surprisingly so!) and some aren't. They're still fun to poke at. I wonder if Japanese school girls REALLY form fan clubs for cute boys on campus...?

Fic: Boys Will Be...

Mohammad and the Mountain: Boys Will Be…
By Dragon's Daughter
Rated G
Warnings: Naru/Mai, Spoilers for the light novels, and Naru's not so SECRET IDENTITY. Un-betaed. Mohammad and the Mountain verse.

Summary: Even Naru can make friends his own age. Honestly, he’s as surprised as anyone else.

Well, Naru had certainly made a splash on his first day.Collapse )

Short Fic: Plus or Minus

Plus or Minus
By Dragon's Daughter
Rated G
Warnings: Married!Naru/Mai, Smart-mouthed Doctors, and Yasuhara's blood pressure. Un-betaed.

Summary: Plus is yes. Minus is no. So what does a weird little lumpy triangle mean?

Congratulations. It's an onigiri.Collapse )

So, I think they stuffed my new bed with proto-bunnies. This keeps happening. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Concrit is always appreciated.

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